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I’ve been passionate about this living organism we call Earth since I was a child.

I began cultivating a garden in pots when I first moved out of home and they have come with me everywhere I’ve moved too and, as my passion grew, a business began to take form.
Deciding on a name is always an important consideration and I wanted to encompass my vision into one word. So, while sitting in my garden one day I came upon the thought “what would a plant be thinking sitting in his pot all day”. The weather was hot so I guessed it would be WATER ME…and so it was.

Running water has always played a big part in my life and keeping fish was also a passion so eventually I connected the two together to grow my ideas.
With drought and the fear of running out of water (don’t know how this started as the earth is mostly water), I quickly turned my attention to alternative growing methods and soil-less gardens became the main focus of WaterMe.

I built Vertical Gardens which were fabulous and beautiful to look at and recycling the water was a great benefit. But, with the advancement of my mother’s cancer, the growing of organic food became my highest priority and using Aquaponics made sense to my “no waste” approach to living.

After designing and building my Aquaponic system, I was amazed at the health, taste and strength of the plants we grew. The Aquaponic food had an amazing flavour and texture and I was hooked. Quite different from the food I was growing in the ground.
The fish I cultivated were silver perch (which grow quickly). They were only fed organic foods and bugs and seemed quite happy in their 1000 litre tank.

The food production from the 2 square meters was astounding and my partner and I could not keep up.

When it came time to move again (into our first home), the Aquaponic system couldn’t come with me. So I sold it to a like minded couple who now enjoy the benefits of fresh fish, veges and herbs and have so much food they share with their neighbours in exchange of eggs and other foods they don’t grow like pumpkins and potatoes.

The next project was Natural Pools after seeing it on the net. I was captivated and vowed it would be mine. This was something I did not take lightly as it was a big investment and, the central focus of the house. The pool has been incorporated into the design for cooling and heating purposes but that’s another chapter.

There are many things that go into a pure way of living and it starts from your heart.

So, what are you waiting for…..

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Natural Pools 90
Landscaping 95
Aquaponics 85
Vertical Gardens 75

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Eco-Logical BuildingEco Builders
portfolio_5We specialise in building luxury sustainable homes and thrive on those projects which require a superior finish and extra attention to detail..
Add A Splash PoolsSwimming Pools
portfolio_5We create customized backyard paradise environments for you and your family…
Woodvale Fish and LilyFish & Lily Farm
portfolio_5Ponds, Water lillies, Water plants, Koi, Gold fish, Rainbow Trout,  Barramundi, Silver Perch, Marron, Yabbies, Pygmy Perch.
South West RiverstoneStonemason
portfolio_5We quarry a unique glacial deposit of stone which is processed and distributed throughout Western Australia.