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10 Most Amazing Natural Pools on the Planet

10 Most Amazing Natural Pools on the Planet

Chances are you’ve splashed about in a mix of chlorine-filled indoor community baths, hotel pools, seaside beaches, rivers and lakes. When it comes to refreshing the body and the soul though, none of those spots can match a scenic, natural water hole.

In this video we look at […]

Black Diamond Brite Plaster on Gunite Pool by Affordable Pools

This is a Replaster of an existing Gunite Pool in Wellsley MA by Affordable Pools. We installed a Black Onyx Diamond Brite Pool Plaster. This give the pool a Very Natural Look with natural stone pool coping.

BioNova® Natural Pools – Natural Pool Coming to North Minneapolis

Webber Park on the north side of Minneapolis will be the site of the first chemical-free, biologically filtered public swimming pool in North America. Read more about this groundbreaking project:…

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How to buy a pool table, Billiards Table Buyers Guide

Buying a pool table Hi, I’m Andy Prefontaine from Family Leisure and we’re talking pool tables. Now, specifically slate pool tables and they’ll range from 0…

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How to make a sandy beach in an Organic Pool : Natural Pool

How I made a freshwater sandy beach for my Organic Pool. I used sandbags to make an underwater retaining wall. This reduced the amount of sand required to two tons. The sand should have been…

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Lagoon Pools|951-506-3738|92591|Swimming Pool Remodel|Luxury|Natural Pools|Custom BBQ

Lagoon Pools|951-506-3738|92591|Swimming Pool Remodel|Luxury|Natural Pools|Custom BBQ Laguna Bella Pools has been a leader in design and construction of …

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Green to Blue Swimming Pool Cleaning a Navarre Home Pool

This shows the process of making a green pool back to blue. Be sure to have a good pool service. I use Loy Morgan with Clean & Clear Pool Service of Navarre Florida. He has been cleaning…

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A Basketball Hoop and Kegerator Complement This Natural Pool

The Pool Master, Anthony Archer-Wills, turns a sport-loving family’s tiny backyard into a giant, natural oasis. Layers of gravel, aquatic plants and the flow of natural-looking stream provide…

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Collection Of Pics Of Natural Pools – Natural Swimming Pools And Ponds

Natural swimming pools myths busted houselogic natural pools cost about the same as traditional swimming pools construction costs start at about $ per sq. Ft. However, because…

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All in One! Natural pool, fish pond and veggies

This short video clip shows an Aquaviva Australia Natural Pool which was built around 2005. It has been stocked with 25+ rainbow trouts, and in the filtration zone which used to be just “plain”…

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