Filtration Skimmer

The earth has created its own system of cleansing the water that falls from above by a system of rivers,waterfalls and the slow movement of water through the earth and many layers of sand-rock and with the nutrient absorbing plants that keep all the water on the earth balanced and pure.

The same process applies to the cleansing of water in a natural pool.

By using plants and specific sized gravel and the right flow rate we can mimic nature and bring millions of years of perfection into our backyards and enjoy our water as it was intended,chemical free constantly flowing and soft and invigorating to make the simple pleasure of bathing an addictive daily reality.

Every pool and circumstance will vary in its filtration needs so we make sure design is an integral part to give you the optimum benefits that great design brings and at the same time keeping your requirements and aesthetic values the highest priority to ensure years of joyful bathing.

There are many different ways to filter the water in your pool…


Natural Pool and Garden Filtration

We can incorporate the filtration zone into the pool as we have in the photos above

Next to the pool and create a water garden close to the house or whoever you choose to optimize your viewing pleasure.

Next we have the skimmer which skims the surface water keeping any impurities from entering the swim zone and contributing to nutrients which will then allow algae to flourish.

And lastly we have the pool robot which daily or as conditions encourage will clean the floor and walls of the swim zone keeping it in pristine condition for swimming or just to view after a busy day.

As with any pool there will always be maintenance required but your living natural pool is a joy to clean and all water used to clean various parts of the pool can be used straight back on your garden with wonderful results.


Papyrus Filtration