Many people living within the city limits of Perth in Western Australia, wouldn’t ever have dreamed they could have their own natural swimming pool as a daily reality, in their own back yard.Natural Pools Are Fun

People living in the country areas have been swimming in dams and rivers for many years, experiencing and enjoying the benefits that fresh water provides.

WATERME has taken the plunge and after many years of research and development, have built a Natural Pool in Perth using a 70/30 system for this application to bring natural swimming into a very small, rear house block and, with outstanding results.

With a bathing area of only 9 square meters this has provided more than enough area to have fun and, creating many admirers and especially the children who just love to swim and play near the plant zone.

Natural Swimming Pools use a specific type of gravel and plants that water flows through at a continual pace using low energy pumps and, a surface skimmer to a pump that returns the water back to the swim zone keeping the water amazingly crystal clear and highly invigorating to swim in compared to other pools.

These pools typically use a liner (black works best) for solar gain keeping the water much warmer with out the aid of solar heating, but even existing pools can be converted to natural also.

Natural Pools Feel GreatPlants Are The Filters
In natural swimming pools, plants act as the filters, filtering out nutrients that would otherwise contribute to algae growth.

As with any pool, water loss will occur through evaporation and just the simple act of getting in and out of the pool. So in a dry climate (like we experience in Perth) it’s a very good idea to install rainwater tanks to top up your pool. See Rainwater Harvesting

Every pool needs to be maintained properly to be at its best and Natural Pools are no different.
The skimmer needs to be checked daily and cleaned and a pool robot who cruises on the bottom making sure that it’s all in perfect order so you can enjoy.

There are many benefits of owning a natural pool and the first one that everyone comments on is the lack of chlorine smell, the smooth feeling it gives to your skin and without the ‘dry skin’ that comes with chlorinated pools. With natural pools there are no chemicals required, uses less water (no back washing), use less energy, cost less to maintain, uses building materials that are more eco friendly, provides a habitat for wildlife and improves the swimming experience. There are also educational benefits – especially for children.

Overall, if you are looking to install a new pool or renovate your old pool there is another way….as nature intended!