When designing your natural pool in Perth a lot of thought must be given to the position, aspect and general wind direction.
All of these things can affect your usability cleaning requirements and aesthetic value.

Water quality is of the utmost importance and limiting the amount of matter that can fall into the pool is very important.
By building your pool using these elements you ensure that your skimmer takes care of any fallen leaves limiting the amount that will sink contributing to food for algae.
The pool Robot will take care of the rest.

Exposure to sunlight

The amount of sun that your natural pool is exposed to can have a dramatic effect on temperature, algae growth and oxygen levels in your pool.
Our pool has full overhead exposure in summer filtered by shade cloth to also protect the house.

The maximum water temperature in summer was 28 degrees which is perfect and we had very slight algae growth.
The current temperature as of 3/7/14 is 14 degrees Celsius with no sun exposure at all.
It is very cold to swim in but incredibly invigorating.

I have only had the pool operational for just over half a year, and it’s been amazing so far. I’m incredibly happy with it and try to swim every day, regardless of weather.
We are heading out of winter and into spring so I eagerly await to see the progress of the pool into these coming months.
I will be updating with photos as time rolls on.

Wildlife and Aesthetics

The most wonderful aspect of owning a natural pool is the life it attracts.
We have had all bird life, dragonflies, lizards – a real little biosphere in our yard.

Because our courtyard is quite contained we have had amazing plant growth everywhere as the humidity is higher and as a byproduct of this, no dry throats and no one getting sick in the house.
If you are building a new house I highly recommend building a solar passive house with full windows facing over the pool and north or south depending in which hemisphere you reside.
The joy it brings the enhanced lifestyle and health benefits are some of the main reasons we are here to enjoy this beautiful planet.

All of these concerns will be organized by WaterMe upon consultation. Call Jason on 0414 911 934